Accepted papers

The proceedings of UCNC 2013 are published as an LNCS volume.

  • Edwin Beggs, José Félix Costa, Diogo Poças and John V. Tucker. On the power of threshold measurements as oracles
  • Maria Paola Bianchi, Carlo Mereghetti and Beatrice Palano. Size Lower Bounds for Quantum Automata
  • Cristian Calude and Kohtaro Tadaki. Spectral Representation of Some C.E. Sets With an Application
  • Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú and György Vaszil. On the Power of P Automata
  • Olivier Bournez and Jonas Lefèvre. Population Protocols on Graphs: A Hierarchy
  • Henning Fernau, Rudolf Freund, Sergiu Ivanov, Markus Schmid and K.G. Subramanian. Array Insertion and Deletion P Systems
  • Ella Gale, Benjamin de Lacy Costello and Andrew Adamatzky. Boolean Logic Gates From A Single Memristor Via Low-Level Sequential Logic
  • Sama Goliaei and Mohammad-Hadi Foroughmand-Araabi. Light Ray Concentration Reduces the Complexity of the Wavelength-Based Machine on PSPACE Languages
  • Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu, John Licato and Selmer Bringsjord. Small Steps Toward Hypercomputation via Infinitary Machine Proof Verification and Proof Generation
  • Dima Grigoriev and Vladimir Shpilrain. Secure information transmission based on physical principles
  • Lila Kari, Steffen Kopecki and Amirhossein Simjour. Hypergraph Automata: A Theoretical Model for Patterned Self-assembly
  • Danuta Makowiec. Modeling heart pacemaker tissue by a network of stochastic oscillatory cellular automata
  • Luca Manzoni and Antonio E. Porreca. Reaction Systems Made Simple: A Normal Form and a Classification Theorem
  • Takaaki Mizuki, Isaac Kobina Asiedu and Hideaki Sone. Voting with a Logarithmic Number of Cards
  • Jennifer Padilla, Matthew Patitz, Raul Pena, Robert Schweller, Nadrian Seeman, Robert Sheline, Scott Summers and Xingsi Zhong. Asynchronous Signal Passing for Tile Self-Assembly: Fuel Efficient Computation and Efficient Assembly of Shapes
  • Ajeesh Ramanujan and Kamala Krithivasan. Control Languages associated with Tissue P Systems
  • Benjamin Russell and Susan Stepney. Geometric Methods for Analysing Quantum Speed Limits: time-dependent controlled quantum systems with constrained control functions
  • Benjamin Russell and Susan Stepney. Numerical Analysis of Quantum Speed Limits: controlled quantum spin chain systems with constrained control functions
  • Shinnosuke Seki. Combinatorial optimization in pattern assembly
  • Andreas Voigt, Rinaldo Greiner, Merle Allerdißen and Andreas Richter. Computation with Microchemomechanical Systems


  • Tanvir Alam Anik and Saif Ahmed. Evolutionary Programming Using Distribution and Neighborhood Based Mutation Operators
  • Artiom Alhazov, Elena Boian, Svetlana Cojocaru, Alexandru Colesnicov, Ludmila Malahov, Mircea Petic and Yurii Rogozhin. A P system parsing word derivatives
  • Bogdan Aman and Gabriel Ciobanu. Computational Power of Protein Interaction Networks
  • Anastasios Bakaoukas. Towards an All-optical Soliton FFT in the 3NLS-domain
  • Michael Fiske. Quantum Random, Active Element Machine computation
  • Sandra Gómez, Fernando Arroyo Montoro and José Ramón Sánchez Couso. Simulating Metabolic Processes Using an Architecture Based on Networks of Bio-inspired Processors
  • László Hegedüs and Benedek Nagy. On String Reading Stateless Multicounter 5′ → 3′ Watson-Crick Automata
  • Richelle Ann Juayong, Nestine Hope Hernandez, Francis George Cabarle and Henry Adorna. Relating Transition P Systems and Spiking Neural P Systems